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We are delighted to announce that Chineham Dental Practice has been accredited with the achievement of Denplan Excel.

The requirements of Denplan Excel Accreditation include the following to comply with clinical governance:

This practice is committed to clinical audit – to monitor and continually improve the quality of dental care provided. We maintain a practice- based quality assurance system which includes

  • A review of the consistency of dental care provided
  • Compliance with current best practice in the control of cross-infection
  • Adherence to current Health & Safety at work requirements
  • Conformity with current requirements relating to taking x-rays
  • Participation in continuing professional development as required by the general dental council

Prevention is better than cure

We encourage you to visit regularly as research has shown that preventative dentistry delivered on a regular basis greatly reduces the risk of dental problems and provides a platform for a lifetime of improved oral health. Gone are the days when it was accepted that most people would lose their teeth during middle age, or even earlier. Teeth really can be made to last for life if they are given proper care. Your mouth is effectively the gateway to your body, so it should come as no surprise that a healthy mouth contributes significantly to your general health. Coming to see us is much more than a routine check on your teeth and gums, it’s one way to keep an eye on your overall well being!

We actively work with you to ensure not only your teeth stay healthy but you gums as well. Teeth need healthy gums, and bone, to support them and prevent tooth loss. By following our brushing and dietary advice you will prolong the lifespan of your teeth and ensure that your mouth stays as healthy as possible giving you a confident smile.

Relief from fear and anxiety

Do not worry, visiting the dentist is no longer the worrying and often painful experience it used to be. We aim to alleviate any anxieties about dentistry and ensure that you have a calm, relaxed and even enjoyable visit. We even have a television screen on the ceiling to help you. You are welcome to bring in your own DVD with you or choose from our collection.

Please do not hesitate to speak to us should you have any concerns.

New patient consultation and treatment plan

New patient consultation is complete assessment of your dental health. The consultation includes mouth cancer screening and a full mouth review for oral hygiene advice. X-rays and photographs can be taken should they be required. We will listen to your needs and concerns and, in conjunction with your wishes and our recommendations, provide you with a full treatment plan.


Your children´s teeth need to be cared for from an early age because prevention is so much better than cure. Ideally, they need to make their first visit from the age of 2 years. We take special care to make the experience an enjoyable one. If they do need treatment, we will ensure that it is as comfortable as possible. We ensure that all children leave the practice with a smile, a sticker and a happy experience.